Club Profile

Montana Vikings is a community based basketball club which serves several communities in Cape Town. These include communities in our immediate neighbourhood, such as Montana, Charlesville, Montevideo, Valhalla Park, Gugulethu, Nyanga, Manenberg and Heideveld, as well as broader areas including Brakenfell, Tokai, Milnerton and Cape Town CBD.

Our club was established in 1995, with a small group of 15 players in two teams. Since 1995, Montana Vikings has grown steadily to more than 120 active members in 11 teams (7 junior teams and 4 senior teams). The club is arguably the largest club by active membership in South Africa, as well as the oldest community based club (i.e. not affiliated to a tertiary institution) in the Western Cape.

Our club is a registered non-profit organisation (062-884), and is operationally run by an executive committee including coaches, parents and senior players. Within our executive committee, we have teams responsible for sub-committee portfolios, including basketball, administration, social, events, transportation, fundraising and strategy.

We believe our primary role to be developing and uplifting youth in our surrounding communities through the sport of basketball. To this end, we place a strong emphasis on:

younger members of our club being actively involved in all activities and
social and academic development of our members. We are thus committed to providing a platform for our young members to be involved in a healthy and competitive sporting vocation, while at the same time developing essential life skills to be positive contributors to society.

Montana Vikings upholds ten values which we visibly and relentlessly promote as the core values that our club members live by both on and off the basketball court. These values include responsibility, respect, perseverance, sportsmanship, courage, punctuality, positive lifestyle, friendship, supporting each other and honesty.

Montana Vikings is well known by our success on the basketball court, whether it be the numerous league titles within the Western Cape Basketball Association Junior and Senior Leagues which we have consistently won, or by the number of provincial and national players our club has produced over the years. We believe this is a testament to the holistic approach was take to junior player development

Our biggest strength we believe is the unique culture and values that our members uphold at our club. The diversity of this membership base that we attract and maintain is also a strong attribute, and is held together by a core group of committed and knowledgeable leaders. Given the economic environment of the communities we serve and our large membership, our largest challenge in financial sustainability. Despite valiant fundraising efforts, we are constantly falling short of our running costs as well as compromising our social upliftment programmes essential to our members.

These programmes include the following:

Mentorship Programme

We identify juniors who show good leadership potential, and assign them to a senior club member who also has a role of responsibility in our organisation. Through this programme we are able to provide leadership continuity in our club.

Resource Centre

Many of our juniors are under-achieving at school for various reasons. We try to assist them by having our senior members (who have certain academic strengths), to assist these juniors in certain learning areas. We also have juniors who live in conditions that are not conducive to studying, so we provide a place for them to come and study, do homework, projects and research assignments. The centre is based at Monte Video Primary School.

Monthly Food Hampers

We do have juniors who come from homes that exist below the bread line. We try to assist these families by providing monthly food hampers, even though these are small, they do provide some relief for the families. At present we are able to assist 10 families per month.

Social Support

There is always a great need for appropriate basketball attire. Many juniors are in need of shoes, tracksuits and other clothing. Within our club we are trying to foster the culture of looking after each other – where the haves are able to share with the have not’s. This is not always that easy when the majority of the juniors do not have. Here we rely very heavily on donations.

Saturday Soup Kitchen

This has become very popular with our juniors. On Saturdays, at the playing venue, we provide the juniors with bread and soup. This sustains them during the long day of playing matches, but the reality is also that for some of the juniors, this might be their only meal for the day.

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