Have you ever tried to play basketball in the dark?October 14, 2018

Remember the old days at Montevideo Primary School when we practiced outdoors, in the cold and even in the rain? Well, some things just don’t change! But some things have. Bread costs more and so does everything else. Rising electricity costs have had a major impact on all of us and MVBC needs to keep up.

Winter is a cold and dark time but MVBC is a beacon of light in many children’s lives. And who are we kidding – not only the kids, but for many of our seniors too. We have academic support sessions in the classrooms in the afternoon and evening, as well as our practices on the court where we need those floodlights to be on.. Not only to actually see each other (and the ball!) but also for our member’s safety. The new school hall has a small gym section where some of our members work out on their off days.
That’s why MVBC needs your help right now!

With a small donation of R100 per month over a period of 12 months, all we need is 20 sponsors to keep the lights on. Commit to this small donation and you’ll be making a HUGE difference. Please use the reference: ‘Alumni’ with your donation.

Contact Kirk Daniels @ 082 377 9991 or Tanya Daniels @ 082 5225 978 for more information and to let us know if you’ll be 1 of the 20 donors we need.